Changelog LiteGears 1.9.4

Release Date: 2017-09-02

LiteTools update
1, Thumbnail (by LiteTools created) now can set DPI;
2, “Fast save” renamed to “Save changed only” button;
3, New option: Now can automatically delete the old file;
4, New option: BOM option to support different configurations as the same parts;
5, Update the SolidWorks file packaging and save to.

Filename          : LiteGears-1.9.4-20170902-install.exe
MD5               : a81e5cb477aec9caf0750fa79faaa801
SHA1              : 3f68cdbe45272741e589d932304507b33ae158df
CRC32             : 850acf14
SHA-256           : cdbe1869560c90e369b447b7d25a552481683ce9a27e947e1237f4f851ffea87
SHA-512           : f0d779afcc0cfbdb1f3e996e41f184f586c73d3580c88ac598ebac38b02046bffebc507f6ca7b2d41f072fb8162f00cd322df8def6df715e621f7a9b03c88a07
SHA-384           : d637cc7dcdfcbab8179338dfb9d4dfe2def354be3661f03242374dfad2d90a97c11387b461de7efc29c11a59153cdd28