Changelog LiteGears 1.9.8

Release Date: 2017-11-17

Overall update
1, proxy support Socks5;

LiteTools update
1, Multiple bug fixes, package bug fixes;
2, Excel2007 format support;
3, Automatically add outline dimensions to propety;
4, Copy the column can copy the same column attribute values to the expression;
5, Filter out the content and export to bom file.

Filename          : LiteGears-1.9.8-20171117-install.exe
MD5               : 9c060471301dc6ac0ef0c873810c96c2
SHA1              : 753c70b61ac2d31652a55afc6d477bafc3bf363a
CRC32             : b8cf63f9
SHA-256           : 0872b3ac7251316d7f9068d71f6d2c61344bce934f2567047acfcdddad5075d0
SHA-512           : 119a2196554c72f54b879827a6414f4ceaf68995fcef1abd487c59cb53c89a7d0b4ff134d8d0f5b3bad3e4a367c2a5500ed4ed01a66b37ca096aa7c7a81f725c
SHA-384           : 019a68d896ddad4aec12287a0b9128c34919daa708053f0982128e276b4cff6aa896a23298ad3100b584e7fbbb94aa41