LiteTools read only folder

LiteTools read-only folder is a special folder for LiteTools, which is supported from version 1.7.7.

You can set a read-only folder here:

Read-only folder function

Files in the read-only folder (including subfolders) can not be modified, ie LiteTools does not modify the contents of the file. If the file itself is read-only have the same effect.

The read-only file will display the yellow text background in the LiteTools interface as shown below:

Note: Read-only folders are only available for LiteTools and can still be modified by SolidWorks. To be valid for SolidWorks, you can set all files (folder read-only invalid) to read-only in Windows.

Note: The documentation for the new version 1.9.0 or higher, 1.9.0 the following version of the old reference here: https: //