Save a string of the box enclosing the part to property automatically

This function automatically generates a outline string when editing a part file in SolidWorks and saves it, and writes the string to the specified property.

This function is valid only for part drawings (.sldprt file).
You can specify where property is saved, custom, or configuration specific.
You can customize the name of the property.
Can customize the outline of the string format.

Description of custom string formatting

Using the formula of Excel format, do not need the beginning of the “=”.
L variable represents the length, the default with 4 decimal places.
W variable represents the width, the default with 4 decimal places.
H variable represents the height, the default with 4 decimal places.

Above variables need to take an integer, or adjust the decimal places, you can use excel round function.
The units of the above figures are the default unit of the document.